What Is The Right Coverage For My Move

Relocation from one place to another is not an easy task. It is difficult and on the moving day there are many things of concern. When moving out of area there is no guarantee that the goods will arrive safe and sound. It is compulsory for a moving coverage that will insure my goods against damage. Before the moving day I need sit and plan in advance what is the right coverage for my move?

Moving out of area requires certain factors that will help me to decide what is right coverage for my move. These factors are:

– What is the minimum moving coverage required by Law?

– The current depreciated value of my goods not taking into account the current replacement costs.

– Moving out of area from one state to another requires Full Value Protection Value or the Extra Care Protection coverage.

– I must identify valuable items that are above $100 as they are called Extraordinary Value Items in moving coverage.

I need to check with my homeowner Insurance company . Whether they  have any moving out of area coverage plan that covers my personal property. I also need to know when such a plan will expire once I take it.

– The last thing that I need to consider on what is the right coverage for me is how to file my claim for the moving coverage?

Even if I hire professional moving services or move out of area myself there is no surety that no damage will be done to my goods. After taking the above mentioned factors into consideration and if any damage occurs than how can I claim for my moving coverage insurance?

Make A LIst Of Goods That Need To Move

When I decide on what is the right coverage for me I should make a full list of all the goods that needs to be moved out of area. It is also wise to take photos of the goods before the moving day. In case of damage or missing goods I have 9 months to file a claim. In a long distance out of area moving the professional movers make a list of all the items that are to be transported. The Inventory Form on which the list is made is called “The Bingo Sheet Form”.

When goods are damaged or lost it is necessary to make sure that professional mover marks them on his sheet. This does not mean that the professional mover will not be paid full for professional moving services. All his dues have to be cleared. The professional mover should respond to the claim within 30 days of issue and it should be resolved within 120 day. A representative of the professional moving company comes for inspection and a claim form needs to be filled into and submitted by mail of fax with evidence.

If issue is to sorted out in court and result not satisfactory then there’s an option to sue for damages. So deciding on what is right coverage for my move will depend on above mentioned factors. This make my moving out of area a tension free one.