Auto Shipping FAQ

You may have some queries related to auto transport. If it’s so, then check out this article and get answers to all your queries. Some of the common questions that a person may come across in case of auto shipping have been included here. Come let us take a look at them.

How much time will I take while auto shipping my car?

Setting up the auto transport may differ because of the arrival and departing destinations. It may also differ due to the carrier. Most of the automobile transportation trips take place between one to three weeks. Your auto movers may provide you an option of making the service a bit speedier, but they may charge an additional amount for it.

Should I make an advance payment for auto shipping my goods?

It is better to make an advance payment to the auto shippers. It is because if you provide them ample then they can schedule their time table accordingly and help you to move more quickly.

Where should I pick-up and drop-off my car?

In recent time the door to door service is more prevalent in the auto shipping industry. But, you may definitely know that the driver won’t come in and knock at your door. The auto shipper may find it difficult to maneuver through the neighborhood streets; as a result, he may ask you to meet him somewhere close to the parking lot.

Is there any need to present while dropping off as well as accepting delivery?

It would be best if you make it a point to be present while dropping off as well as accepting the delivery. However, you fail to do so; you need to ask any one of friend to be present at the destination.

How to keep a check on your auto transport?

Your auto shipper may provide you service along with trucks having GPS tracking. This allows you to keep a track on the automobiles route, make sure to ask the auto shipper enterprise if they would provide you this service or not. If they agree to do, don’t forget them to ask the additional cost involved in it.

Is my vehicle insured during transportation?

According to law, the automobile transportation carrier needs to carry insurance for covering your car while transporting. However, I would suggest you to keep your personal coverage while transporting in order to cover damages which may be debarred by the policy provided by the auto movers. Ask your auto transporter whether the auto inspection form is completed as well as signed by the driver or not.

What will happen if the automobile is found damaged upon its arrival?

In general, you don’t need to worry regarding auto transport. Unfortunately, accidents may take place once in a blue moon. Hence, you need to insure your automobile from beforehand. The automobile transport company may make use of your inspection report to compare as well as check your automobile’s condition before as well as after the transit. The automobile shipping company is held responsible in case of the verifiable damage to the vehicle.